I can't believe I'm in my second week of self-employment! The first week was disorienting and a little strange. I kept feeling like I forgot to do something... (like, maybe - go to WORK?!?) It's hard to erase many years of routine in just one week. My mind and body felt itchy and out of sync.

At the end of the week, I woke up with an answer. It popped into my head as I was coming out of a dream. It was the word "Rhythm". My life had fallen out of a comfortable rhythm of familiar regularity. And I realized my life now required finding a new rhythm. Like lingering by the wood stove with my morning cup of coffee just a little longer than usual. And walking the dogs with my husband in the light of day, instead of at night. A hairdresser appointment on a week day - in the middle of the day. Pausing to inspect some fabulous frost on the barn window, knowing I'm headed to the studio, but without the usual morning fray. 

In the light of a new week, I tried starting out with a 40 minute meditation session. As the week is progressing, my mind and body are definitely BFFs again - maybe more than ever. The new rhythm is busy, but mindful. This week, I helped host a Figure Drawing Class at The Loading Dock (my new home), we gave The Loading Dock a fresh coat of paint, and I completed this online portfolio. This will tell you a lot about where I've been. And I can share my journey with you as I go. Because, let's face it, it's all about letting those creative beasties run free!

So please enjoy some of the natural beauty that winter brings (no matter how cold it might be in your part of the world). Love your life. And let your creative beasties run free!

XO - Patti

Yes, there really was artwork by Jack Frost on the barn window!

Yes, there really was artwork by Jack Frost on the barn window!

Welcome 2016!

It was June of this year when I found out my design position of 8 years was moving out of town. After coming home somewhat shell-shocked, shedding a few tears, and then going straight to bed, I woke up the following morning with a brand new attitude. I don't know where it came from honestly. Maybe deep inside I'd been dreaming about a new creative adventure for quite some time (seriously, did I just say "maybe"?). Or perhaps I just realized it was time to do things my very own way. Either way, I find myself here on January 1, 2016 with a new studio, some wonderful friends (at the Artist Cooperative "The Loading Dock" in Littleton, New Hampshire), and an entirely new lease in life.

It's been a long 7 months of "it's over, but it's not over."  And I can't lie to you - there was a lot of soul-searching, head-scratching, and uneasiness. When I walked out of work for the very last day yesterday, I wondered how life would ever feel "normal" again. Friends at work have been so amazing - supporting me, and helping me move forward when my feet felt like lead, and tears were too close for comfort. They listened to my whining and insecurities, while propping me up and giving advice. After 8 years, it's difficult to think about life without seeing them every day - and without a "traditional job".

But here goes... My paintbrushes are locked and loaded! Stay posted as I share my new adventures with you.

Happy new year! Enjoy every single day. Love your life, and let your creative beasties run free! 

XO Patti